Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st week of April

Pierce has had a great week at school and Ronnie took him to the school carnival on Friday night! He is hoping to dunk Mr. Lowe (the principle) in the water tank! They were only gone for an hour! He zoomed thru all the games, ate cotton candy won lots of fun trinkets and won a 2-liter bottle of cherrry-coke on the ring toss! It only took him one toss! He's good!!!

I have been busy working on my friend's twin girls bedroom murals! SO super cute!!  Here's two walls- project #1 ! Will show more pics of the other murals as they are completed.

As for baby Paige.. she is a total crazy dancer, gymnast, or something! And a complete night owl! (Just like her daddy!!) Distorting mommy's belly and keeping her up all hours of the night before she is even born... not cool!! She has an attitude already! LOL

On Saturday.... It's a beautiful warm day so off we went to Suburban Lawn & Garden for hanging baskets and maybe a few other tidbits...
Ronnie & Pierce always play on the golf carts! I'm sure Pierce drove most of the time. I didn't ride.....

Sunday..... I love my dwarf peach tree! It is so beautiful this time of year! HOT PINK BABY!!

We went to Bob Bob & Ta's for dinner. Another warm and windy day! All of Ta's tulips are blooming and oh so pretty!
Pierce cruised the 4-wheeler with Bob Bob to the park by the lake and played with some new friends.
Ronnie & I just hung out.

We also got to play with sweet little Maddie. She's so funny!

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